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Meet Your TMI Team, Faculty, & Board

It is the people behind Talent Magnet that help your business achieve results by helping YOU to make an impact! We have vetted leaders who have helped professionals achieve their big dreams. Together, we bring our expertise directly to you to partner with, elevate, and coach you to your fullest potential.

Our Team Is Committed To Your Success

Below are the people who make our team great and our clients even greater! 

Meet The Talent Magnet Team

Meet the TMI Faculty

Julie Bauke

Executive Career Strategist

Julie focuses on senior-level professionals and executives to plan their professional path and get more out of their career and life.

Chris Halter

Change Management, Corporate Culture and Executive Development Extraordinaire

Chris focuses on helping leaders assess, build and optimize engaged corporate cultures.

Vincent Brown

Culture, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist

Vincent focuses on building the best teams, cultures, and approaches for inclusive and equitable workplaces and communities. He is a dynamic business leader with a passion for effecting organizational change. 

Andy Foerster

Employee Engagement Strategist

Andy focuses on the development and implementation of leadership principles that drive better employee engagement.

Robin Shabazz

Cultural Intelligence Coach

Robin focuses on building cultural intelligence, understanding intrinsic invitations, and gaining a multicultural perspective. 

Don Frericks

Executive Coach Specializing in C-Suite Teams

Don focuses on coaching and investing in leaders through rapid leadership development coaching. His technique for focusing on the most leverageable change brings immediate results.

Pam Gilchrist

Executive Communications Coach and Brand Strategist

Pam focuses on helping organizations close the results/strategy gap with effective communication planning and strategies.

Michael Glenn

 Executive Coach and Organizational Development Strategist

Michael focuses on executive onboarding, succession planning, organizational design, change management and strategic planning.

Megan Leasher

Executive Coach and Strategic Advisor

Megan focuses on designing robust assessments to gain knowledge of what motivates, drives, and changes leaders.

Nick Jackson

Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker

Nick focuses on building into others and coaching leaders to be and live out their greatest potential.

Wilson Velez-Ortiz

Executive Coach and Business Excellence Advisor

Wilson focuses on increased business profits, productivity gains, and faster individual growth and contributions.

Christopher Webster

Sales Coach & Business Strategist

Christopher focuses on coaching those who seek to be high performing sales professionals and can build a roadmap to help companies gain clarity on what is and isn't working.

Amy Waninger

Culture, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist

Amy focuses building inclusive cultures and diverse leadership pipelines. She also works individually with emerging leaders.

David Kiihnl

Strategic Advisor

David focuses on building high-performing teams and uses his expertise in strategic planning to help them through succession planning.  

Erin Bledsoe

Business Strategy and Talent Strategy Advisor and Consultant

Erin focuses on aligning business strategy and people strategy. She provides client support by aligning concrete strategies with clear benchmarks.

Todd Markle

Candidate Experience Planning and Strategist

Todd focuses on building best-of-class candidate and hiring manager experiences. He brings expertise to all aspects of the hiring and on-boarding experience.

Jessica Baron

Executive Coach

Jessica focuses on assisting senior level professionals and executives to identify their largest area for opportunity and growth.

Mark James

Executive Coach, Author and Speaker

Mark focuses on executives to plan their professional path and get more out of their career and life.

Kevin Logeman

People, Culture, and Human Resources Strategist

Kevin focuses on growth through the science of managing human resources.

Lauren Ammon

Personal Empowerment & Self Mastery Coach

Lauren focuses on personal responsibility to maximize performance and impact.

Kelly Kolar

Intersection of People and Place

Kelly focuses on using her love of design and understanding of the human element to transform built environments.

Priya Klocek

Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Strategist

Priya focuses on helping organizations create diverse and inclusive work environments. Priya is also an organizational design and team-building extraordinaire.

Lynne Ruhl

Culture and Leadership Advisor

Lynne Ruhl focuses on creating healthy cultures and has extensive experience in creating environments in which employees want to work and customers want to do business.

Elaine Suess

Executive Coach Specializing in Executive Performance and Team Development

Elaine focuses on helping leaders achieve positive, lasting growth for themselves and their organizations.

Mehmet Yuksek

Talent Magnet Advisor / Executive & Organizational Strategist

Mehmet focuses on strategy and heart and knows how to build comprehensive organizations that align, grow, and achieve their greatness.

Robin Throckmorton

Human Resources Strategist

Robin focuses on organizations with all needs relating to human resources. She's focused on building cultural intelligence, understanding intrinsic invitations, and gaining a multi-cultural perspective.

Kimberly Luse

Trauma-Informed Care & Mental Health Strategist

Kimberly focuses on studying people, leading at the highest level of organizations, and helping both high-performing and low-performing organizations operate.

Lynn Watts

Catalyst & Chief Inspiration Officer

Lynn focuses on culture, equity and inclusion as a coach, trainer and consultant.

Luna Malbroux

Creative Change Agent, Equity & Inclusion Facilitator

 Luna focuses on building a culture of humility and building antri-racist and anti-oppressive organizations.

Nicole Armstrong

Gender & Racial Equity Strategist & Facilitator

 Nicole focuses on identifying and fixing unconscious bias in organizational processes. 

Amanda Foust

Certified High Performance CoachTM

Amanda focuses on helping leaders achieve personal and professional life balance through high performance strategies.

Meet Our Advisors

Sipple Sr.

Talent Magnet Advisor


Talent Magnet Advisor


Talent Magnet Advisor


Talent Magnet Advisor


Talent Magnet Advisor


Talent Magnet Advisor

Meet Our Board Members

Tysonn Betts

Talent Magnet Board Member


Dr. Janet Reid

Talent Magnet Board Member

Brent Rippe

Talent Magnet Board Member


Chris Bovard

Talent Magnet Board Member


Jamal Muashsher

Talent Magnet Board Member


Daniel Wachter

Talent Magnet Board Member


Meet Our Co-Founders


I am Mike Sipple, Jr., Co-founder and CEO of the Talent Magnet Institute. My dad, Mike Sipple Sr., and I laid the foundation for the Talent Magnet Institute in 2001. We continued to build on that foundation as we ran Centennial Inc., our 46-year-old executive search business.

In 2017, our clients and advisors encouraged us that now was the time to take our practices, solutions, and models to organizations in unique and focused ways. So we brought our proven talent solutions to leaders and teams by creating the Talent Magnet Institute®.

We believe we are better together, so we have assembled the best organizational and leadership consultants who are focused on and dedicated to helping leaders lead themselves and their teams to greater success.

  • More about Mike Sipple, Jr.  HERE
  • More about Mike Sipple, Sr. HERE


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