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Talent Magnet Institute Advisor

David Velie and his team are an advisor to the Talent Magnet Institute as they have been partners, clients, and resources for each other for almost two decades. David is a passionate leader who cares about people, their development, and a culture that empowers people. David and Sipple, Jr. are both easily engaged in topics such as faith at work, high performance teams, culture implications, and investing in people. The synergy runs deep, and the opportunities to build and guide businesses are at the core of David’s focus.

As a leadership consultant, David has helped hundreds of clients drive double-digit growth. He’s been honored as a Pillar Award for Community Service recipient, celebrated as a Best Places To Work Finalist, and recognized as a Small Business of the Year recipient.

Some of his latest passions include recruiting and leading millennials, and effective ways for organizations to drive results to their bottom line. He’s excited to share his experience and knowledge regarding data analytics with clients of the Talent Magnet Institute, allowing for them to take their overall approach to the next level.

We are honored to have David Velie as a key team member and executive leader of the Talent Magnet Institute.

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