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Talent Magnet Institute Advisor

Meredith Meyer is an advisor to the Talent Magnet Institute and has had a profound impact on the way TMI thinks, behaves, and designs our content and strategy to be fully implemented at the organizations we serve. Meredith has an incredible vision for workplace culture, cohesive teams and aligning strategic plans with talent strategies. Meredith also leads a global organization now, and we are honored she has stayed on as an advisor to Talent Magnet Institute to ensure its success as we serve our members and clients well.

Meredith helps organizations align strategy and talent. Acting as a “Chief Talent Officer-on-Loan” she works with executives and HR teams to tackle workforce plans and organizational design, learning and professional development strategies, manager training and coaching, performance management approaches and 360 assessments, employee experience audits, culture and team building plans, and succession planning and high-potential development plans. 

Meredith Meyer is the vice president of global workplace for Veeva Systems. She was the CEO of Infinite Potential, a talent consultancy that partners with executives and HR teams to create strategic talent plans and tackle tough business problems related to talent. Meredith previously was a VP of the education organization KnowledgeWorks, and started her career at P&G, developing business plans for brands like Tide and Oral-B globally. 

We are honored to have Meredith as a key team member and executive leader of the Talent Magnet Institute.

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Listen to Meredith on episode 67 of the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

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