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Strategic Advisor 

Doug is a visionary leader who thoroughly enjoys empowering people with honesty and transparency, taking necessary risks, focusing on results, giving back to the community, and inspiring trust. Doug is a trained journalist with experience in print, digital and all forms of broadcast media. He’s a Cincinnati-Dayton, Ohio, media veteran with deep knowledge of and involvement in most, if not all economic ecosystems in 3-state region.

Additionally, Doug possesses strong capabilities as chief spokesman through speaking and audience engagement. He is also adept at overseeing processes and P&Ls. He’s fluent in financial reporting, human resource management, strategic planning, marketing execution and sales and sales management.

Over the past 20 years as CEO, Doug has taken three good organizations and made them great. Two were in the publishing industry, the other in commercial real estate services. In addition, he has served nonprofit organizations in a volunteer capacity at all levels, from committee work to board leadership, including the largest nonprofit home health care firm in our region and the local Boy Scout Council. He is also a proud Eagle Scout.

During his time at Cushman & Wakefield he successfully grew revenue in the Cincinnati-Dayton region nearly twofold, recruited top talent, and helped the firm’s local presence navigate name and ownership changes.

He is currently helping a Cincinnati-based nonprofit startup solve the volunteer crisis in Cincinnati and in any other region whose leaders embrace this innovative fix. He seeks to reduce this problem through proper distribution by implementing better technology and great design.

We are honored to have Doug as a key team member of the Talent Magnet Institute

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