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Culture and Leadership Advisor

Lynne Ruhl is one of the first leaders to begin defining corporate culture. She created the definition that Talent Magnet Institute uses for corporate culture.

Definition: Corporate culture is defined as the thousands and thousands of interactions our people have each and every day.

Lynne Ruhl is a highly respected thought–leader with a passion for trust and respect in all relationships, communities, and organizations. She is uniquely passionate about creating healthy cultures and has extensive experience in creating environments in which employees want to work and customers want to do business.

The communication and relationship-building skills that Lynne teaches are simple in principle and can change the climate of an entire organization. Lynne’s past clients now enjoy teams that are energized, inspired, motivated and encouraged.

Starting her career in broadcasting, Lynne later served as a mentor and coach for Olympic gymnasts. During her time as a coach, Lynne saw firsthand how detrimental a toxic culture can be. As a progressive thinker, Lynne did not accept what everyone else had accepted as normal, which launched her mission to transform the culture of the Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy.

The culture change that Lynne championed was a foundational part of the process that produced Olympic gold medalists and forever changed the world of competitive gymnastics. This epic story can be read in Lynne’s book, Three Impossible Promises.
Further motivated by her desire to transform cultures for the better, Lynne formed Perfect 10 Corporate Cultures in 2001. During her time as owner, Lynne and her team radically transformed corporate cultures by identifying and addressing organizational issues that hinder success.

We are honored to have Lynne Ruhl as a key team member and executive leader of the Talent Magnet Institute.

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