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Positive Performance Consultant


Laura Canter, MPsych, Ed.D., is a Positive Performance Consultant, with over 16-years of leadership development and executive coaching. Laura has worked with a myriad of senior executives, organizations, elite athletes, and individuals, around the world, using the science of positive psychology to unlock barriers to mental toughness. She has developed and facilitated
custom team-building workshops, organizational development training, leadership development programs, cultural intelligence, and motivational workshops to drive peak productivity and organizational performance. Her philosophy is simple: Using your Strengths to Maximize your Success!

When Laura is not busy working with her clients or creating new mental toughness workshops, she continues to enjoy her role as an adjunct professor and guest lecturer in at local universities. Her personal interests include traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, scuba diving, and playing golf. She also enjoys a true Napolitano pizza – believing one can never go wrong with a margherita pizza.

We are honored to have Lauren as a member of our Talent Magnet Faculty.


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