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Executive & Organizational Strategist

Mehmet Yuksek has been a believer in the Talent Magnet Institute since its inception! Mehmet is a leader who builds trust, a positive corporate culture and knows how to build high performing teams. Mehmet is a strategist at heart and knows how to build comprehensive organizations that align, grow, and achieve their greatness. After almost a decade of partnering together, Mehmet joined the faculty of Talent Magnet Institute and is also one of the advisors helping lead, guide, and build the organization.

Mehmet is a globally accomplished business leader with 25+ years leadership experience in strategy development and execution, growth, turnaround, organizational development, change leadership, and innovation.

He enjoys helping leadership teams develop a winning strategy, build organizational capabilities, and execute with focus and excellence.

Mehmet comes with a strong pedigree in marketing, sales, and operations. He was President & CEO of Perfetti Van Melle North America, where he led a successful turnaround of the confectioner's business with back-to-back double-digit organic growth while increasing profitability fivefold.

Before that, he held various sales and marketing roles in Istanbul and Milan. Prior to Perfetti Van Melle, he worked in marketing at Colgate Palmolive and Leitz-Manu in Turkey.

We are honored to have Mehmet Yuksek as a key team member and executive leader of the Talent Magnet Institute.


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