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Talent Magnet Institute has served hundreds of organizations and we want to serve YOU, too, with our free resources and tools below.

Leadership Foundations

Our premium intro course designed to build your leadership toolbox with foundational and transformational skills completely for free!

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Self-Care Assessment

Gain helpful insights on how you are doing, ways to work on improving your self-care and leadership tips for success in relation to your personal habits.

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Productivity Training

Join TMI and Enrique Rubio as they discuss the most effective productivity disciplines leaders use to maximize their time and get greater RESULTS!

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360° Assessment Guide

Discover how this key discovery can play a role in cultivating your current workforce, leading to higher morale and improved retention.

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Be a Better Boss

Invest in Your Leadership and take only 30-minutes to discover what it takes to be a better boss.

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Millennials Guide to Leadership

Download this guide to learn a new approach to leadership and thrive in the workplace!

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You Need To Know What An Unhealthy Corporate Culture Is Costing You

Learn the top components that will keep your culture healthy that won't cost you anything!

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A 5-Point Checklist For Attracting Top Talent

Use this checklist to discern between better and best to achieve your business goals.

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How To Lead With Equity And Inclusion

Learn the value of equity and inclusion in your corporate culture.

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How To Make Time to Set Vision And Direction

Capture and communicate your vision with in order to continue moving forward!

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10 Questions To Ensure You’re Maximizing Your Talent

Empower your current employees in order to maximize growth and maintain a healthy culture!

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8 Key Components To Develop And Engage Your Employees

Invest in your employees so that they are equipped to invest in you!

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7 Warning Signs Your Workplace is Toxic

Learn to recognize toxic behaviors before they take root in your workplace.

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6 Self-Reflection Questions for Leaders on the Move

Discover the importance of self-reflection and learn where to begin.

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5 Simple Clues To Reveal If You REALLY Are A Servant Leader

Determine if you really are a servant leader and how you can make the greatest impact.

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6 Ways to Know if You're an Authentic Leader

Use this guide to determine if you are an authentic leader and to fill your workplace with authenticity.

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