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Small business owner (Ever Spark, LLC), independent consultant, collaborative business partner, and budding voice in HR innovation in the future of work.  

She believes that the work of HR can be the most powerful business strategy for any company, but often untapped or misunderstood. In this belief, she started Ever Spark to inspire, lead, and support companies and HR leaders in their pursuit of innovative, employee-centered solutions that accelerate business results. This pursuit also allowed her to partner with the Talent Magnet Institute, as a Faculty member and co-creator, in bringing to life a new CHRO Mastermind group for HR Executive Leaders. 

She also delivers holistic solutions for mid-size businesses and teams through fractional advisory services and consulting projects centered around the operational and holistic aspects of HR’s work - HR technology, human-centered design, organizational effectiveness, operational transformation, aligned culture, and intentional employee experiences. It is her unique combination of IT and HR industry knowledge, and strong belief in the power of people, that best serves her clients and helps them evolve into what’s next. 

Her service and expertise is built on 21 years of IT and HR experience at Procter & Gamble, leading complex ERP implementations like Workday, HR operations and analytic teams, HR Career and Talent Development, and serving as a business partner to many global IT leaders. Additionally, she has helped many midsize companies in their ERP selection and implementations, from Paylocity to Workday, and has advised many HR leaders in their strategies, culture, and change management initiatives. 

She is also an Amazon Best Selling author (Culture Impact), HR.Hackathon host for Cincinnati (bringing design thinking skills to HR professionals), course author (By Design Brainery – Building your Employee Experience), and facilitator at the Xavier Leadership Center, in pursuit of bringing the leading knowledge and expertise to a variety of leaders in Cincinnati and beyond. 

As a native of Detroit, Michigan, she resides in the Greater Cincinnati area with her husband, 2 kids (Max and Joey), and dog (Great Dane, Bella). She loves hiking, yoga, rowing, home remodels, and making the world’s best cannolis at Christmas.