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Sales Coach & Business Strategist

Christopher Webster has been designing, building and investing in high performing teams and cultures for over two decades. He has built profitable and innovative business units by seeking the knowledge of the industry, customer, and possibilities. He coaches those who seek to be high performing sales professionals and can build a roadmap to help companies gain clarity on what is and isn't working. Christopher has been an executive that our team has worked and partnered with for many years.

Christopher brings over two decades of experience in business management, strategy, sales leadership and business development in the information and technology industry. Having roles from customer support to sales and running a multi-million-dollar business for a global company, he empowers young professionals to grow through personal coaching and mentoring.

Christopher Webster is recognized by the American Association of Inside Sales (AA-ISP) as a sales expert and Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professional (’14) for his dedication to enhancing the profession of virtual sales.

In 2020, he created On the Level Coaching, LLC., a consulting and coaching company, to help companies drive sales efficiency and sales discipline, as well as coach high potential professionals looking to grow their careers.

We are honored to have Christopher as a key team member of the Talent Magnet Institute.


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