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Personal Empowerment & Self Mastery Coach

For the last 4 decades, Lauren has served as a high performer across all aspects of her life. Her foundation as a student athlete for nearly two decades set the tone for high achievement as a 15 year HR veteran. She made her career in leading performance management, talent management, and succession planning strategies in multiple organizations across Cincinnati. It was her love and pure joy to watch leaders succeed in areas they never thought possible that ignited Lauren's passion for professional coaching.

In November of 2019, Lauren received her professional coach certification from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), which was the No.1 ranked coaching certification program in 2020. She specializes in working with high performers to optimize their self mastery in order to maximize their performance and impact on the world.

Leading with love, energy, and gratitude Lauren's spark is unique and infectious. She uses this distinctive combination to connect with clients in a way that deepens their understanding and acceptance of exactly who they're meant to be in order to move forward in a way that's unequivocally them. Her motto, "if it's in you, it's for you" drives her unabashed belief that we already have everything we need to succeed at whatever we want, it's simply a matter of removing the clutter that blocks us from seeing our full potential. 

We are honored to have Lauren as a member of our Talent Magnet Faculty.


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