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How to Be a Better Leader: 4 Ways To Close The Gaps

better boss development leadership leadership goals Oct 20, 2020
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How to Be a Better Leader: Building a Leadership Community

When asked what is the greatest characteristic of a leader, many will say, “honesty.” 

Leaders need to be honest with their employees and with themselves.

But honesty is only ONE way to be a better leader. There are also a lot of other necessary character traits to develop. 

If you want to learn how to be a better leader, then check out these critically important traits that can help you become a better leader.

1. A leader is committed.

Being a leader requires commitment. They need to be committed to their work and their responsibilities. 

When they are committed, it influences who they work with. It shows the employees how committed their leader is in making a change in the workplace and then the team wants to follow suit. 

2. A leader is passionate.

If you want to be a better leader, you should also be passionate about your job. That means you love your job and have a passion to be successful.

To be a better leader, you should also have a passion for others and helping them with their job. Wanting success for those around you is a leadership quality that will soon be contagious. It will set up a great work culture for your organization.

You have to outwardly show you love your job and love helping others to love their jobs as well When you're energetic and have a passion to help others succeed, then you're more likely to succeed as a leader and as an organization.

3. A leader is critical of themselves.

Being a better leader also means being critical of yourself. You have to be willing to change if you want to be a better leader. This doesn’t mean that you wallow in self-pity or lack confidence. It simply means that you are always striving to look for areas where you can learn and grow!

If you lack certain qualities of a leader such as communication skills, empathy, or something else, it's important to ask your employees how you can improve as a leader. 

When you show vulnerability, it makes you more respected and more “human” to those you work with. People will respect you because you understand your weakness and are trying to take steps to improve where you fall short. 

4. A leader is empathetic.

Lastly, it's important for leaders to be empathetic. They need to recognize how others need help instead of telling their employees to try harder. 

Good leaders will try and relate to those around them. They will understand someone elses point of view without being critical. If you can understand someone's point of view, it can help you be a better leader and make better decisions. 

Now You Know How to Be a Better Leader

Being a better leader takes recognition of what you're good at and where you could make improvements. It means looking at the qualities of a great leader and seeing how you can embody those skills. 

Overall, anyone can be a better leader. It’s time to take the first step!

You can start being a better leader today by downloading our Be A Better Boss resource here.

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