Using 360 Assessments and Career Pathways to Uplevel Your Talent

Employee reviews and assessments are multi-use tools. They not only provide employees with valuable feedback about their performance, but they also give company leaders a chance to dive deeper into each employee’s contributions. Together, these insights may help to reveal new career pathways within the company for the employee.

Many organizations are trading the standard annual review in favor of 360 assessments (sometimes called 360 degree feedback). The difference is that instead of relying solely on one person’s opinion or a set of metrics, company leaders gain feedback from multiple sources to craft a more accurate picture of an employees strengths and weaknesses.

However, many leaders fail to use 360 assessments to their potential. Because of their many moving parts, they get bogged down in the mechanics of how to use them. Don’t let the details undermine their value, though - let’s look at how to use 360 assessments to strengthen your top talent and...

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Employee Engagement That Shifts Turnover Rate

Cultivating employee engagement skills involves a host of responsibilities including but not limited to creating great lines of communication, a willingness for transparency, offering training for your employees with new skills and moving employees around into appropriate roles. 

What else is impacted by better employee engagement?  Turnover. 

“High turnover usually suggests a problem with employee engagement. Engaged employees are generally happier, perform better, and stay with a company longer than disengaged employees.” WorkStride

There are many ways to shift turnover rates to the positive within your company. We’ve compiled a list of impacting factors for you to unpack. 

Onboarding – The first few days of a new hire’s employment with you makes a significant impact on their happiness. If your philosophy is “throw them in the deep end and see if they can swim” there’s a good chance they’ll bail for...

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The Power Of The Stay Interview

We’re taking time to highlight employee engagement this month. With that, we’d like to address a commonly overlooked practice, that when used properly, will increase retention rates and encourage a structured and informed boss to employee relationship. 

What makes a stay interview a powerful tool for employee engagement? 

  1. Stay interviews are conducted by the leaders of the organizations as opposed to an HR representative. This gives personal and direct conversation opportunities between the employee and their supervisor.
  2. The conversational style of a stay interview can promote unity and provides the space for employees to express their ideas and suggestions that might otherwise get stifled. 
  3. A stay interview gives room for the employee to express their needs - specifically needs that refer to how they best handle communication, guidance and even recognition.
  4. This interview is pressure free, it does not address the employee performance. It focuses on their...
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