Employee Engagement That Shifts Turnover Rate

Cultivating employee engagement skills involves a host of responsibilities including but not limited to creating great lines of communication, a willingness for transparency, offering training for your employees with new skills and moving employees around into appropriate roles. 

What else is impacted by better employee engagement?  Turnover. 

“High turnover usually suggests a problem with employee engagement. Engaged employees are generally happier, perform better, and stay with a company longer than disengaged employees.” WorkStride

There are many ways to shift turnover rates to the positive within your company. We’ve compiled a list of impacting factors for you to unpack. 

Onboarding – The first few days of a new hire’s employment with you makes a significant impact on their happiness. If your philosophy is “throw them in the deep end and see if they can swim” there’s a good chance they’ll bail for friendlier waters. Simply put, make your onboarding practices and policies amazing! 

Performance & Position - Is the employee's performance level shifting? How can you check in, affirm, or re-train? If you notice non-growth or a shift use it as an opportunity to engage. Actively work together to ensure that they are the right fit and uncover areas of growth.

Skills, Training & Development - Are you actively developing your employees skills? Are you making sure that they do not become stagnant? Employees need training on everything from expense reports, databases, email, and software packages. This training is not a one-time event. Regular refreshment is critical to their performance. Additionally, don’t forget the interpersonal training such as conflict management and inclusion efforts. We all must be trained on how to handle ourselves in times of conflict and with people of diverse backgrounds.

Appreciation & Feedback -  Are you in a habit of saying thank you and letting your team know you appreciate them? No one likes to feel like their hard work is going unnoticed. Celebrate wins and make a point to thank people for their contribution. Be sure you are clearly communicating expectations, following-up regularly, being transparent about coming changes, and open to feedback. An atmosphere of transparency makes employees feel safe and valued.

Benefits - This is more than healthcare and a 401k program. This is gym memberships, schedule flexibility, tuition reimbursement, financial training, childcare options or discounts, etc. The options are endless and the most appealing organizations are offering benefits that are meaningful to their employees.

When all is said and done, you can’t keep everyone, in fact you SHOULDN’T keep everyone. 

But, be able to answer this question “Were the reasons for leaving realistically preventable?” in good conscience. 


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