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Easy Ways to Make Employees Feel Valued

employee employee engagement value Jan 16, 2023

As a leader, we want our employees to have a great retention rate, grow in their skills and development, and ultimately, help our business grow. Research has shown that employees who are more productive, and happier, are less likely to look for work elsewhere all have this in common: they feel valued.

But, as a leader,  how do you make each person feel valued and how do you find the time?

While you will have to spend some time finding out what works at the individual level, there are several ways you can create overarching practices in your company that will go a long way in making each person feel valued. Keep reading to see a few simple ideas.


Employee recognition

Employee recognition is a critical component of creating a positive work environment. Employees who feel valued are more engaged, motivated, and productive. Recognizing your staff's hard work and dedication can lead to increased job satisfaction, retention rates, and a positive company culture. In this article, we will explore easy and effective ways to make employees feel valued.


Understand the Importance of Employee Recognition

Recognizing your staff's hard work and dedication is essential to maintaining a healthy and productive workplace. Employee recognition has a direct impact on employee engagement, motivation, and productivity. It is essential to understand the importance of employee recognition and how it can benefit your organization.


1. Ask for Their Feedback

Employees are used to getting feedback, but asking them to give it to you is another story. Nothing makes someone feel more valued than by asking their opinion and requesting ideas on how they can make things better. This can be done by simple and frequent conversations or something as formal as an anonymous survey. The most important part is making the employee feel like they are free to be honest and that you will do what you can to act on their ideas.


2. Promote from Within

When you value an employee from the start, it makes the hiring and promotion process that much better. An employee who loves their company is usually apt to apply for higher positions. Whether you start leadership programs or make it a priority to always review internal candidates first, promoting from within demonstrates a commitment to your loyal employees.


3. Offer Competitive Compensation Packages

While small companies may have their limits, a competitive compensation package can go a long way in making employees feel valued. Above offering a fair wage, employees also feel a company cares when they are offered time off, flexible schedules, health benefits and a piece of the stock pie. Even if part time employees don’t qualify for all the same benefits, they can still be granted paid time off, sick pay, and other small bonuses that make them feel valued.


4. Demonstrate Commitment to Balance

Employees who like to work hard feel valued when they are gifted the opportunity to play hard, too. Showing that your company is committed to balancing mental and emotional health is important and can instill a deep trust from manager to employee. Even if you don’t go so far as to establish mental health days off, respecting employees time and personal space when they are not in the office adds huge feelings of value.


5. Make Work Meaningful

While no one tends to like every aspect of their job, it can be simple to help employees find value if you make aspects of their role meaningful. As mentioned above, ask for feedback, implement small leadership roles and give employee recognition. 


How do you make your employees feel valued? Reach out to let us know, then share this article with your network!

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