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The Unconventional Leadership Podcast with Mike Sipple

Are you looking to take your leadership skills to the next level? Want to learn from the best and most successful leaders in the world? Then you won't want to miss the Unconventional Leadership Podcast.

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Some of our Featured Guests

Wendy Dailey

In this must listen conversation, Wendy talks with Minda about how employers and managers can make the workplace safer for marginalized employees.

Kevin Monroe

In Episode 87, they share business tips, transformational stories, and the power of gratitude.  

Laurie Ruettimann

In Episode 91, They discuss myths that we grew up with about work, and how work should be. 

Jennifer McClure

From Talent recruitment to Founder and CEO, you are going to love this conversation with Jennifer and Mike.

Danielle McCombs and Kristy Olinger

Danielle and Kristy discuss how we can use friendship and growth mindsets to manage and lead more effectively in our own companies.

Cory M. Carlson

If you want to get to the root of your leadership, it most commonly has to do with how well things are going at home. 

Joey Price

Want to jumpstart your company culture? Join us on this episode where we talk with Joey Price, the CEO of Jumpstart HR. 

Latest Episodes

Building a Thriving Company Culture with Melanie Booher

The culture of a company or business is vital to an employee's experience. But many organizations spend little or no time developing a healthy culture. Join Melanie Booher, president of Influence Network Media, and Mike Sipple Jr. as they talk through how to build a culture within a company, and how enhancing an employee's day-to-day can affect the bottom line. Culture is about all the little experiences people have within a business, so no element is too small to discuss! If you are a leader within an organization, this is a must-listen episode!


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200. Caring for the Entirety of Your Employees with Cory Carlson

Being a great leader includes caring for your employee's home life. As much as we try to separate home and work life, they bleed together. One affects the other and vice versa. Join Cory Carlson on The Unconventional Leadership Podcast as we talk about the importance of caring for the entirety of your employees. Cory shares from his personal experience in corporate America, his own burnout, and from the coaching and speaking business he has built. Tune in to learn how you as a leader can invest in your employee's personal life as well as their professional one!


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199. Creating a Positive Work Environment: Insights from an HR Expert with Stacie Baird

What kind of experiences are people having within your organization? The human experience extends and encompasses our careers and work life. Stacie Baird who has 20+ years in Human Resources joins the show to talk about how as leaders, we can positively impact the human experience when people choose to work within our organization. A huge part of that experience takes place through communication, both verbal and written. Join our conversation and learn how you can positively affect the human experience of anyone working within your organization.


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198. Finding Purpose in Work and Life with John McCarthy

60% of Americans are emotionally disengaged from their work life. That means a majority of Americans aren't emotionally invested in what they spend a majority of their life doing! Join John McCarthy and myself for a conversation surrounding finding purpose in life and in work. A big part of finding purpose is knowing oneself. How can you know what you want, if you don't spend any time on introspection? Tune in and learn how you can find purpose not just in your work life, but life in general.

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