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It's Time To Reframe Success In Leadership


The Talent Magnet Institute® exists to help leaders move from a reactive to a proactive talent strategy mindset.  This means planning intentional ways to approach situations around recruiting, hiring, retaining and developing your team – creating a long-term, sustainable strategy that will help your business reach its goals and retain great talent.

Becoming a Talent Magnet is a holistic approach to building healthier organizations and teams, which will bring greater success!


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We have worked alongside and partnered with thousands of leaders to build high performing organizations and healthy work environments that lead to greater success.

Who is behind Talent Magnet Institute®?


I am Mike Sipple, Jr., co-founder and CEO of the Talent Magnet Institute. My dad, Mike Sipple Sr., and I laid the foundation for the Talent Magnet Institute in 2001. We continued to build on that foundation as we ran Centennial Inc., our executive search business.

In 2017, our clients and advisors encouraged us that now was the time to take our practices, solutions, and models to organizations in unique and focused ways. So we brought our proven talent solutions to leaders and teams by creating the Talent Magnet Institute.

We believe we are better together, so we have assembled the best organizational and leadership consultants who are focused on and dedicated to helping leaders lead themselves and their teams well.

The Talent Magnet Institute’s mission is to develop leaders and organizations into “talent magnets.” We are on our way to becoming the leading provider of talent, leadership, and organizational development solutions. What is a talent magnet? A talent magnet is a growth-minded leader who has a desire to be proactive in the way they attract, recruit, onboard, develop, and retain their people. We partner with leaders who know the opportunity that exists when they create, align, and engage their entire organization with a clear and focused strategic plan. 

Aligning your people and organization has never been more important to your success. Let us come alongside you and your organization with our proprietary Becoming A Talent MagnetTM solutions to help you navigate the world of responsibilities in leadership and your team grow in their professional and personal development. 

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Why Talent Magnet Institute®?

The Talent Magnet Institute supports leaders who know that to lead well, they must invest in themselves and those around them. Leaders who do whatever it takes to help their people perform at their best and create clarity across their entire organization.

The Talent Magnet Institute serves as an advisor, guide, and partner to leaders all around the world. 

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