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How to Stay Motivated in a Remote Workplace

remote work remote working work remotely Dec 29, 2020
How to Stay Motivated in a Remote Workplace


As we reach the end of 2020, leaders and employees are feeling as if they are limping across the finish line. While year-end fatigue is completely normal, it does reflect a simple issue many workers have faced this year: staying motivated while working remotely.


How can you as a leader and employee yourself stay motivated when physical distance separates you from your team? While there are plenty of tactics to keep the morale up, we have a few easy ways that can help both you and your staff find motivation while working apart.


1. Have a schedule & establish boundaries.

When you work in an office, it’s easy to work that 9-5 schedule. But working from home suddenly creates an overlap of your personal and professional life -- which can easily make tasks bleed together.


It’s helpful to create a work schedule that is strict enough to get things done efficiently, while still being flexible to allow for things that wouldn’t normally pop up while working in an office (aka. The delivery man, the dog needing a walk, children, etc.)


Have set times designated for work tasks and keeps personal things for later––just like at the office.


Likewise, having an “off-time” for your personal life makes keeping your home safe from work distractions while you are spending time with family and doing life. 


Overall, boundaries for each aspect of your life are key to helping you stay motivated because you’ve set aside time to pour into each of them.


2. Switch up your workspace.

One of the perks of working in an office is you often get a change of scenery. Whether it’s a meeting in the conference room, stopping by a coworkers desk or a business lunch, you get variety that you may not have while working at home.


It can be exciting to change your workspace to a place like the local coffee shop (if there is open seating), a library, or even a co-working space. The important part is to make sure it still allows you to be productive.


For example, if you need to make a few phone calls, a library may not be the place for you. Look at your task list beforehand and then choose a location to work based on the tasks on your to-do list.


3. Make work motivating.

There will always be days where we have to put in time doing tasks we don’t enjoy, but finding a way to make work itself motivating is important.


How can you make the tasks you do more fulfilling? Just because you are working remotely doesn’t mean you can’t have a conversation with the leaders in your organization to find duties more related to your passion!


Set small goals for yourself with your existing tasks so that when you achieve them, you can rest in the satisfaction of a job well done.


Sometimes it's harder to know if we are on track without direct feedback we usually get onsite. That's why having measurable goals is key to evaluate your progress and keep you motivated!


4. Practice self-care.

This year many of us learned how important self-care is, especially when it comes to staying healthy both internally and externally.


Beyond the obvious self-care steps of getting enough rest, exercising, and eating healthy lie some of the more integral parts of internal self care.


Taking time to do things that bring you joy, learning to say “no,” and even monitoring your mental and emotional health are all ways you can practice self help so you can stay motivated.


In this Forbes article, there are 7 ways to practice self-care as a leader:

  • Set boundaries
  • Refuel yourself
  • Get outside
  • Practice kindness
  • Be aware of your mindset
  • Reflect
  • Celebrate

Choose one of these 7 to try TODAY!


5. Reflect on your weekly “wins.”

It can be easy to keep your nose to the grindstone and produce week after week of work. But carry on too long, and your career starts to feel redundant and unfulfilling.


Taking time each week to discuss your wins with your team and to reflect personally can go a long way when it comes to staying motivated.


There’s nothing like receiving recognition for consistent work or overcoming obstacles: it keeps you going and reinforces the desire to do more! 


While a regular workweek may not seem like it yields anything of huge magnitude, you’ll probably be surprised as you reflect back on the many hours you spent working hard and the results you accomplished!


As 2021 approaches, staying motivated through our changing workforce is key. Many changes await, but remote working is here to stay.


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