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The Impactful Journey of NKY Leadership Alumni Summer Learning Series

attracting talent burnout change communication empathy feedback gratitude nky Oct 13, 2023
Impact of Talent Magnet Institute NKY Leadership Alumni Summer 2023 Learning Series

Discovering Insights, Building Connections, and Transforming Leadership

At Talent Magnet Institute, we believe that leadership is a journey, not a destination. This belief is at the core of our mission to support leaders in their continuous growth and development. In collaboration with The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce (NKY Chamber) this  Summer 2023, we embarked on a remarkable journey with the NKY Leadership Alumni Summer Learning Series. This program aimed to provide alumni of NKY Chamber Leadership programs with invaluable insights, practical wisdom, and a network of like-minded leaders. As the series concluded, we are thrilled to share the testimonials and the profound impact it had on our participants.


Testimonials that Speak Volumes

The true measure of any program's success lies in its participants' feedback and experiences. Let's hear from some of the remarkable individuals who joined us for the NKY Leadership Alumni Summer Learning Series:


Mike Sipple Jr., CEO and CoFounder of Talent Magnet Institute

Mike Sipple Jr., the driving force behind Talent Magnet Institute, expressed his gratitude towards the alumni and classmates by saying, "I want to thank alumni and classmates from over 15 leadership classes. Bravo to each of You for prioritizing continued learning and development! As leaders, we spend most of our time investing in everyone else, which is quite admirable, but this program was designed to invest back into our alumni.. meeting us where we are in our careers to support us and our organizations.  The mantra we acknowledged during this series is that leaders cannot lead from an empty cup."


John McCarthy, Talent Magnet Institute Faculty Member and Owner of The Purpose Partner

John McCarthy, a distinguished faculty member and Co-Facilitator of the Summer Leadership Series, shared his joy by sharing, "I so enjoyed the group of people that came together through the Northern Kentucky Chamber and the opportunity to facilitate a deep and experiential learning session to help people better understand how to attract and retain top talent in this very difficult work environment."


Lorraine O'Moore, Participant

Lorraine O'Moore attended all three sessions of the Leadership Alumni Summer Series 2023 and had an enticing experience. She says, “I attended all three sessions of the Leadership Alumni Summer Series 2023 and thoroughly enjoyed each one. I got to meet and network with a variety of leaders from our region and loved getting into discussions and hearing other viewpoints. The session content and facilitation were excellent, and attendees had plenty of time to discuss, contribute, and be heard. I loved the fact that there were multiple generations in attendance as this gives a much broader perspective and permits us to learn from each other. The New Psychology of Work was probably my favorite session simply because it is the one that most affects my work, and I believe this needs to be at the forefront of all current workforce development efforts. The content for this session was very relevant and very impactful, and I would love for this to be presented to our regional employers and our educators. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Operationalizing Organizational Purpose session as it really rings through for today’s young adults – they want more from their careers than just a paycheck, they want purpose, and they will leave positions that do not offer purpose! Many employers do not get this and wonder why employee retention is such an issue, so (again) I would love for this to be in front of both employers and educators. Creating a Sustainable Work-Life Balance, while extremely important, is not something new to me - working with vulnerable community members for many years has led to me putting strategies in place to ensure that I am available to my family when I get home each evening. For someone who struggles with maintaining a good work-life balance or someone starting out in their career, the content of this session will really help with strategically and consciously addressing this issue. Overall, this was an excellent serious and certainly a good use of my time. It was well-organized, well-facilitated, and I look forward to further sessions in the future”.


Laura Canter, Talent Magnet Institute Faculty Member and Owner of Canter Associates

Laura Canter, another esteemed faculty member who participated in the Summer Learning Series, shared her delight in coming together with fellow NKY community members by sharing, "I enjoyed coming together with other members of the NKY community to discuss how retaining top talent looks for them in their organization and industry. Talent Magnet Institute (TMI) provided great information to get us all thinking about how we currently operationalize organizational purpose in our current spaces, but then they gave us the freedom to explore, question, and have a dialogue with others in the room. We had a quick overview of US Economic history, Autonomy, Flow, Career Growth Plans and so much more. And having different industries represented in the room helped me to think about all of this information from a new and unique perspective. I am disappointed that I couldn't attend the first two sessions that were offered, but I will be making time in my calendar for any upcoming training offered by TMI and the NKY Chamber for Leadership Alumni."


Impact Beyond Words

The testimonials vividly reflect the value the NKY Leadership Alumni Summer Learning Series brought its participants. Here are some key takeaways:

Lifelong Learning

The series emphasized the importance of continuous learning and development for leaders. It reinforced the idea that investing in oneself is a worthy endeavor that ultimately benefits both individuals and their organizations.

Building Connections

Networking and engaging in discussions with leaders from various backgrounds provided a unique perspective. Participants valued the chance to learn from one another and explore different viewpoints.

Relevance and Impact

The series addressed pressing issues in today's workplace, such as the evolving psychology of work, work-life balance, and organizational purpose. Participants left with practical insights to apply in their roles.



Join the Journey

If these testimonials have sparked your interest, we invite you to join us on the leadership journey. Stay tuned for upcoming programs and events that offer transformative learning experiences. As we continue to partner with the NKY Chamber and other organizations, we look forward to helping you unlock your leadership potential and make a lasting impact.

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