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Best Practices For Communicating Change Brought By Crisis

While most businesses and corporations have not yet reached “back to normal”,  many of us are working to move forward as if things were normal. While striving for normalcy should put us at ease and provide a level of comfort during our continually uncertain times, for many, this has instead caused more stress. As we actively seek to implement continual changes to keep up with the changing environment and/or regulations around them the need for great communication increases. 

When striving to keep a “people first” mentality within your company, be sure to remember that springing change on your talent and resources can easily insight more fear, stir objection, and cause new stressors to arise. We’ve gathered a compilation of best practices for communicating change, whether planned or unplanned, during a crisis. 


Communicating the Objective of the Change

When a change arises, lean in to empathy. Empathy will first drive you to make...

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