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Virtual Interview Techniques to Attract Top Talent

attracting talent interviews talent acquisition talent magnet Nov 24, 2020
 virtual interview

In this day and age, everyone needs to get creative when it comes to hiring the best talent. Not only are more workplaces going remote, but the interview process is also going virtual as well. A desire to attract the best employees for your workforce hasn’t fallen by the wayside just because the methods are changing. 

So how do you attract top talent through your interview techniques? Keep reading to see how.

Talk Openly

A main goal of the interview process should always be to get to know your candidate, and that starts with an actual, open conversation. Interviewing isn’t just about seeing if someone is the right fit for your organization but if your organization is a good fit for them. The only way to determine both of those things is to be open and honest.

The last thing you want is for a candidate to be excited about the job only to find out later it wasn’t the right fit. Then, you are back at square one in the hiring process. An honest and open conversation will help you be able to weed out any red flags or anything that may become an obstacle later on. 

Get into the nitty gritty of the day to day, expectations, pay structure and everything a candidate wants to know but may be too afraid to ask. Don’t feel like you need to stick to an HR-generated script. Show the company’s personality and you’ll find the top talent for your open positions.

Team Interview

Even if your organization works mainly remote, chances are your candidates will fill a spot on a team. Therefore, a team interview may be a great option for determining the synergy of the new employee.

Sure, you want a variety of personalities and skill sets on your team. You don’t want all of your employees to be just alike but you also don’t want there to be discourse either. Team interviews are a great way to make sure that the team is onboard with your new hire so you aren’t dealing with team conflict later on because of the wrong fit.

Invite members of your organization to participate in the interview process by helping with questions and answers and potentially even the decision to hire. Forward-thinking companies realize that top talent can be found using creative avenues like this.

Make It a Visual Interview

Is it tempting to shut off the camera and just do a phone interview? Yes. Is it the best idea? Probably not.

Seeing a candidate is an important part of the interview process. Putting physical appearance aside, interviewers are better able to monitor non-verbal cues, comfortability, and eye contact. Plus, it just makes the entire process a little more personable and relational.

In addition, companies looking for the best talent also widen their opportunities when they use a visual, virtual interview because they can easily connect with candidates without having to wait for an availability in travel time. There’s no need to wait for the best candidate to book a flight across the country when you can schedule a virtual interview as soon as possible.

Promote Company Culture over Skills

At the end of the day, skills need to be there, but they can also be developed. Finding a candidate who embraces company culture is a vital part of bringing top talent onto your team. During the interview, focus on the mission and purpose of your company and how it is played out through your organization’s culture.

When a candidate buys into your company culture, they align with what you consider the best of the best. When difficult projects come their way, top talent will embrace your organization's purpose and use that to accomplish success.

It doesn’t matter if another candidate has all the technical skills if they don’t embrace your culture. Inevitably, these employees end up poisoning the well, and most definitely won’t end up as top talent in your organization. 

Use these virtual interview techniques to attract top talent to your organization! If you want more tips on becoming a talent magnet, check out our Talent Magnet Community here


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