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10 Important Leadership Questions to Reflect on at the Start of a New Month

leadership Jan 02, 2023

As a new busy month starts and many leaders are balancing work and home life it is important to reflect on how you have and how you will continue to lead your team. The best leaders do not just lead in the workplace, but they lead those around them to make wise decisions and value others success. Doing so does not always come naturally. It is important to ask yourself these questions to track progress. 

1. Are you pouring from an empty cup?: As a leader you have to continue to grow in order to impact those around you. Look at what brings you joy and motivation and of course never stop learning and enhancing your skills. 

2. Are you confirming that your clients want what you are building?: Checking in on the clients/customers needs and not getting stuck in a pattern of repetition will require you to grow your skills. Are you taking time to ask your clients/customers their needs? 

3. Is your business under construction?: This sounds like a bad thing, but actually it is so important. Constantly tearing down and rebuilding/enhancing your business will give you new techniques that will help your company grow. 

4. Are you networking?: Your network is your net worth. Building a group of leaders around you will be your gateway to greater success. 

5. Are you committing or complying?: Commit to the goals you want you and your team to accomplish. Dream big. Do not get stuck going through the motions. 

6. Are you investing?: Invest in yourself and your people. Meet with your coworkers and staff. Ask them about their lives outside of work. How can you support one another?

7. Are you doing too much?: Do the work only you can do. Be willing to hand off tasks that can be handled by someone else on your team. Give them a chance to enhance their skills, while lessening your to-do list.

8. Are you reflecting?: Each month ask yourself what went well, what needs to change, set goals, and make plans. This is how you can track progress and success. 

9. Are you caring for your people?: Your team is the most important part of your business. Without a solid team around, the business will not remain afloat. Meet/check in on your team regularly to maintain good employees.

10. Are you valuing your clients/customers?: Your business runs because of the relationships you have built with your customers/clients. Know their needs and continue to serve them well. 

Are you supporting yourself as a leader and your team well? Is reflection something you regularly practice at the start of each month? 

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