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How to Develop Leaders At All Levels

coaching leadership Dec 27, 2022

Does your company develop leaders at ALL levels?

The majority of businesses believe it’s important to have leaders at all levels, but many aren’t set up to ensure employees are ready to take control. Spreading out leadership opportunities not only helps to take work off your plate, but it allows your teams to grow and become the best employees possible! defines leadership at all levels as “a paradigm, in which regardless of your title, tenure or compensation, you relate to your company as if ‘you own the joint.’ That is, you generate ideas and make decisions from a place of ownership.”

So how do you develop leaders at all levels? Keep reading for a few simple steps. 


1. Define What Leadership Is

Leadership can look different in every organization, so it’s important to come up with a definition that works for your workplace. It’s integral to also know that leadership does not always equal management. It’s more than possible for employees to lead their own tasks and teams without having a managing role that reports to higher ups.

In your organization, leadership can be taking the initiative when a coworker is out, stepping up when new opportunities arise or taking a servant approach to handling a team. 

Whatever is important to your company, make sure it is a huge part of your definition of leadership.


2. Offer Opportunities to Lead

We all grow the most when we have the opportunity to get our hands dirty, so make sure employees have situations where they can flex their leadership muscles.

Whether you offer something as simple as a day to shadow, to a full-on leadership track where employees have a solid path to promotion, it’s integral to allow your team members to lead in some small way––often. 


3. Prioritize Creativity 

A business built on stagnant practices with no fresh ideas is not bound for success, so it's important to encourage employees to demonstrate courage and creativity from the ground up. Let them know not to be afraid to speak up in meetings, to think outside the box and bring their ideas to the table. 

Even better? Demonstrate these same principles yourself. As a leader, you need to show the things that are valued within your organization and how those same ideals took you to the top. 

Developing leaders at all levels within your organization takes time and dedication, but is worth the extra hard work. When you head up a company that is full of leaders willing to go to bat for your mission, you not only are bound for success but your employees can feel like they were directly a part it.


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