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Effective leaders prioritize self-care. 

Receive a customized self-care action plan to improve your leadership and wellbeing in just 5-minutes!

This Self-Care Inventory includes 28 questions and an outlined self-care plan sent straight to your inbox.


How does this work...


We take a holistic approach to self-care.

This assessment guides you through a series of quick questions that relate to personal life, work life, routines, habits, and overall mental, emotional, and physical health.
This unique 28-question quiz takes less than 5-minutes to finish. 
After completing the quiz, you'll be directed to your personalized results page that provides helpful insights on how you are doing with your current self-care routine and a customized action plan you can apply and see results from right away!
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Importance of Self-Care for Leaders


While the benefits of self-care have become mainstream and well known; self-care practices continue to be a low priority for many of today’s leaders. 

Frequent excuses for avoiding self-care include:

-lack of time

-feelings of guilt

-lack of support

-feeling selfish

-not knowing HOW

At the Talent Magnet Institute, we believe in overriding the excuses and replacing them with actionable steps that make self-care a part of every leader's lifestyle.

If you do not place significant value on caring for your own physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual well-being, then the likelihood of your leadership skills being as effective as you aspire to, is small. Leader self-care is not selfish, nor is it a sign of weakness. It is in fact, the opposite; a willingness to prioritize self-care as a leader marks maturity and a drive for excellence. It also is proven to get you (and your team) better results. 

Don't wait to make self-care a priority! Start today!

Take The Self Care Inventory

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