The Power of a Growth Mindset

growth mindset Mar 23, 2021

Is the sky truly the limit? It depends on whether you’ve first cultivated a growth mindset. 

Growth-focused minds thrive on challenges and what could be rather than what is. They see opportunity in failure and lessons in difficult moments. Those with a fixed mindset know their feet are firmly planted on the ground and see the sky as being out of their reach. But those who cultivate a growth mindset know that things like height or gravity are mere hindrances and not the final answer.

What place does a growth mindset have in company leadership and innovation? And more importantly, how can minds be encouraged to grow?

Power (and Profits) of a Growth Mindset

Stanford psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck found that managers see far more leadership potential in employees that have or develop a growth mindset compared to those that do not. It’s a quality that should be developed in everyone, because a company full of leaders rather than order takers is better positioned to...

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