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Productivity Tips To Help You Get MORE Done in LESS Time!

Join Talent Magnet Institute and Enrique Rubio as they discuss the most effective productivity disciplines leaders use to maximize their time and get greater RESULTS!


What to Expect...

Learn what needs your greatest focus to boost productivity.

Adopt a game-changing productivity routine. 

Get access to a FREE downloadable productivity guide.

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Featuring: Enrique Rubio


Enrique is passionate about Human Resources, People Operations, Technology and Innovation. He's an Electronic Engineer, Fulbright Scholar and Executive Master in Public Administration with a focus on HR. He is also certified in Design Thinking, Scrum Master and PMP. Over the past 20 years, I've worked in the HR and tech world. He is very interested in the digitization of the workplace and Human Resources, and the intersection of the future of work, technology and HR. He's grown his company global community of Hacking HR full of HR leaders and practitioners and is sharing in this event all about how productivity can maximize your impact!

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In just 30 minutes, you'll learn what it takes to save hours of your time every week!

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