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Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker

Nick Jackson is a passionate, driven, and truth-speaking leader. He is a natural motivator and has taken the stage in front of countless audiences and spoken in front of over 1M people. Nick is changing lives, building into others, and coaching leaders to be and live out their greatest potential. He has coached CEOs, doctors, pro-athletes, teachers, and freedom fighters. TMI is so fortunate to have him as a part of the team to bring his passion to the members at each and every intersection possible.

Nick is the founder of the #IAmSpeakLove movement, which has compelled over 100,000 youths to create environments of social justice and mental wellness. He is an award recipient of the Tedx People’s Choice award. He was inducted into the Smithsonian Institute in 2018. He co-founded the Inclusion Club for high schools, which combines all in-school clubs under the tutelage of the Black Student Union and is the creator of “Cop Conversations”, a space for dialogue between community leaders, police officers, and students to foster relationships and in turn save black students’ lives on the streets.

We are honored to have Nick as a key team member of the Talent Magnet Institute.


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