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If you want to lead others, lead yourself first.

Develop yourself with a scientifically-backed digital platform made for leaders to access anytime, anywhere.


In our digital leadership platform, we provide you with the resources, courses, community, and coaching so that you and your team can level up your success.


Why does leadership development matter?


✔️ Expands your strengths and abilities.

✔️ Helps you stay accountable to the goals you set.

✔️  Improves your performance and productivity.

✔️ Increases innovation and agility.

✔️ Models your commitment to continuous improvement.

✔️ Begins a positive ripple effect within your company.



Consider TMI your
leadership guides. 

We equip you in leadership development and have made our trainings easily accessible and highly valuable!

When you join our monthly membership, you will have the opportunity to become Talent Magnet Certified!

Our monthly membership also provides trainings that give you continuing education credits for SHRM & HRCI that you can do from the comfort of your home!


Don't just take our word for it...

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Dan Calonge

Head of Learning and Development | Cincinnati Bell

"Talent Magnet's ideas and assistance have helped us better develop our people."


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Lauren Hall

Senior Account Executive | Scooter Media

"The digital membership has been a great resource for developing my leadership skills. TMI has really helped me to advance personally and professionally."

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Chris Bovard

Vice President of Product Strategy | Paycor

"TMI uses the perfect blend of self-guided content, group discussions and coaching to raise up our people and our business."

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What's inside the membership?

All this just for YOU!

Join the Membership for ONLY


  • Resources and worksheets that help you take ACTION right away. (Don't wait to see results).
  • Audio lessons for on-the-go learning
  • Invitation to live webinars to discuss top-of-mind leadership topics
  • Core Leadership Training Modules
  • Credentials for each module you complete
  • Collect all badges to be Talent Magnet Certified® 
  • Public learning badges to share on your social media, resume, and e-signature 

Each course equates to 5-10 Continuing Education Credits for SHRM & HRCI

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Earn your Talent Magnet Certification

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An Attract Leader draws in outstanding talent and learns how to better influence those around them.


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A Recruit Leader learns how to focus on the future needs of the organization and the people who fill those gaps.

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An Onboard Leader provides a thoughtfully-crafted, well-executed experience to support new team members.

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A Develop Leader increases retention, team productivity and impacts quantity/quality of promotion-ready talent.

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A Retain Leader is able to model and establish the systems that empower employees and build engagement within the team.

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An Ambassadors Leader builds champions, yields strong networks and creates talent referrals within an organization.

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A Strategy & Purpose Leader is able to articulate clear goals, objectives and measurements to create better team alignment.

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Completing all 8 leadership courses will qualify you to get your Talent Magnet Certification.



We are so confident in our leadership digital platform that if you dive into our leadership content and apply it to your life & business, and you did not experience results, we will issue you a full refund any time within your first 30 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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top-performing leaders.


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