Creative Change Agent, Equity Strategist & Facilitator

As an experienced facilitator, educator, and leader on creating inclusive spaces, Luna is able to adaptively support organizations and individuals who are hungry to explore personal and organizational biases. A self-described ‘joy evangelist,’ Luna has a masters in clinical social work and international welfare from Columbia University combined with continual advanced training from Race

Forward and other anti-racist institutions that continue to push forward on new and re-discovered ways of changing systems of discrimination and cyclical oppression. In 2016, she made international headlines as the creator of EquiTable, an app that satirically solves the wage gap by exploring how the intersection of race and gender affect how people move through the world. 

A skilled storyteller, her practices include using empathy, humor,  and personal narrative to help build group dynamics and consensus. Luna is eager to guide organizations in building more authentic inclusivity to cater to the needs of staff and clients. She is a featured speaker at colleges, universities, and conferences and loves to explore how art, humor, media, and dialogue can be used to challenge the notion of 'impossible.'  She was named one of the most influential cultural influencers of 2018 by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, A former Director of Education for Anti-Defamation League Central Pacific Region (Northern CA, UT, HI), Luna has over 15 years of experience serving national and local organizations like universities, hospital systems, nonprofits, and government agencies. Her work has been featured in NPRThe AtlanticPBS, and more. 

We are honored to have Luna as a key team member at the Talent Magnet Institute.

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