The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode #146: Equitable Mindsets with Luna Malbroux

This week Mike continues his discussions on mindset with Luna Malbroux, Director of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at Soul Bird Consulting. Their discussion dives deep into key points leaders need to address to be successful in the “new normal” of 2021. 

Luna helps teams and leaders adopt a mindset of “helping humans be more human.” (2:55) Mike and Luna unpack the new work-from-home atmosphere, and what leaders need to do to get real engagement. (5:51)  They share tips on how to gauge: 

  • How culture affects who speaks up during meetings,
  • Trust and safety issues, and
  • If certain groups are underrepresented in conversations. (9:12)

Luna nails down how life traumas affect everyone, how they shape people, and why leaders need to shift their mindsets about how they engage.  (12:58) Mike and Luna share tips on how to get people to be brutally honest about how they feel about work. (15:27)

Mike discusses the difficulties some leaders face with accepting other people’s truths.  Listen to Mike unpack this mindset shift NOW! (22:36)

Another tidbit Mike shares is how racial and gender equity increases ROI.  You don’t want to miss this nugget. (26:15)

Mike and Luna challenge listeners to ask the hard questions about their work atmosphere and be open-minded about how to move forward. They offer tips on how to hear what is not being said.  (28:14) 

Listen to this mind-shifting conversation NOW! 







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