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In honor of the HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast, Talent Magnet Institute has a few gifts for this great international podcast community. 

Thank You

Jon Thurmond and Wendy Dailey, thank you for living out your mission and encouraging all of your listeners to connect, give back, and network.

Leadership Basics Course

On behalf of your friends at Talent Magnet we want to offer all of the listeners access to our Leadership Basics Course.


Just click the button below to sign up and gain:

✔︎ proven and effective methodology in leadership development to use both personally and with your team

✔︎ a hub of leadership development resources and tools you can access anytime, anywhere

✔︎ a way to stay up-to-date on leadership best practices

✔︎ access to a community of like-minded leaders

Self-Care Quiz


Also, because we all know how important self-care is we also encourage you to take our free, unique 28-question self-care quiz packed full of value.


You'll receive personalized results page with helpful insights on how you are doing, ways to work on improving your self-care and leadership tips for success in relation to your personal habits.

Self-Care Quiz



We will also be doing a giveaway for 10 copies of Leadership Fusion the first week of a January to the #HRSocialHour community for those who complete the form below.

Enter to Win