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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode #154: Extraordinary Leader Series with Guest Host Don Frericks Part 8

This week, guest Host Don Frericks continues his Extraordinary Leader Series, speaking with experienced executive leader Tom Ogburn.  Listen to them unpack what it takes to create results-driven teams in this very tactical conversation. 

Tom shares three tips on how to intentionally create great teams and what the leader’s role is in that process.  (4:25) 

Why is it ineffective to keep everyone on the team happy? Don and Tom discuss this managerial trap and how to avoid it. (6:35)  

Tom shares his philosophy of Talent, Inspiration, and Process (TIP).  Listen to him explain how these three things have shaped his success as a leader.  (7:47) 

The true driver of leadership is business success.  Listen to Tom break down his formula for excellent delivery and sustainable culture. (19:08)

Tom reflects on what he has learned over the years and what he would change.  Listen to him do a deep dive on how regular reflection shapes one’s leadership with small, consistent effort.  (23:43)

Their conversation closes with Don sharing that many younger listeners ask how they can speed up their leadership progress.  He and Tom unpack six essential habits that aspiring leaders can do right now to make faster progress.  (31:18) You don’t want to miss this segment! 

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