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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode #150: Creating an Award-Winning Workplace with Angie Redmon

This week, Mike talks to Angie Redmon, President of Strive HR and a strategist for organizations who want to pursue best workplace awards. Even if you never thought about applying for an award like this, listen in, because Mike and Angie provide some great tips about strategy alignment and the importance of processing employee feedback.

Angie dives in about how to apply for a “Best Place To Work” award and what it takes to receive that honor.  She shares three insights on what you need to do first. (2:29)

When organizations pursue culture improvement, it is key to gather feedback from their workforce.  Angie discusses what to look for and how to put a team together to move forward in the most efficient way. (7:30)

What happens when you get feedback that is hard to swallow? Angie gives leaders direction on next steps. Listen now for her detailed plan of action. (12:17) 

It’s practical to limit your initiatives to one or two things.  Angie shares her insight and expertise about the consequences of not picking those initiatives wisely.  Don’t miss her key tips that can create better strategy alignment. (16:57) 

Mike shares his insight and encourages leaders to celebrate positive feedback with the team. (27:05)

Angie reiterates the importance of identifying: 

  • Why your organization wants to pursue an award
  • How it lines up with your business strategy
  • A plan to improve and implement communication and change (30:30)

Working towards a “Best Workplace” award can be a great marketing campaign, and more importantly an impactful business initiative that brings your workforce together.  Thanks for listening! 

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