Using 360 Assessments and Career Pathways to Uplevel Your Talent

Employee reviews and assessments are multi-use tools. They not only provide employees with valuable feedback about their performance, but they also give company leaders a chance to dive deeper into each employee’s contributions. Together, these insights may help to reveal new career pathways within the company for the employee.

Many organizations are trading the standard annual review in favor of 360 assessments (sometimes called 360 degree feedback). The difference is that instead of relying solely on one person’s opinion or a set of metrics, company leaders gain feedback from multiple sources to craft a more accurate picture of an employees strengths and weaknesses.

However, many leaders fail to use 360 assessments to their potential. Because of their many moving parts, they get bogged down in the mechanics of how to use them. Don’t let the details undermine their value, though - let’s look at how to use 360 assessments to strengthen your top talent and...

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