Executive Coach and Business Excellence Advisor

Wilson Velez-Ortiz brings deep organizational design, strategy development, strategy deployment and executive development to the clients he serves at Talent Magnet Institute. He has been a key advisor to the infrastructure of this organization that ensures TMI is building sustainable practices to deliver the highest-level results to our clients. 

Wilson is also an executive coach and has served as a facilitator to Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in assessing, identifying, and supporting leaders' strengths and opportunities to proactively manage unexpected challenges. 

He brings a deep understanding of the obstacles leaders face during day-to-day operations, management of personnel, and delivery of challenging goals while maintaining a balanced and productive life at work and at home. His methods result in increased business profits, productivity gains, and faster individual growth and contributions.

His coaching specialties include recruiting, individual and organizational development in a diverse workforce, change readiness, organization performance models, leader as coach, mentor, and sponsor, work-life integration strategies and merger and acquisitions organization analysis and development.

We are honored to have Wilson as a key team member of the Talent Magnet Institute.

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