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Candidate Experience Planning and Strategist

Todd Markle has been one of Talent Magnet's founding faculty members. He is also a senior advisor of TMI -- providing expertise, vision, and all of his career experiences building, designing, and constructing teams and global organizations. Todd brings tremendous amounts of passion for the internal and external experiences that drive positive behavior and positive relationships between employer and employee. He has been involved with some of the largest companies in the world building teams, infrastructure, and technology to support growth and innovation.

With 20+ years of HR leadership experience, Todd provides solutions to acquisition challenges.

He works with TMI and other organizations to improve their recruitment strategy, employment branding, and candidate experience optimization. He can help transform a candidate’s experience so that each prospective employee is a positive ambassador for your organization.

He loves working at a strategic level but also excels at conquering the tactile, nitty gritty, work.

Because of his love for the customer experience, Todd also founded Hello Hire in 2017, an organization with a mission to help clients attract outstanding talent by providing distinctively better candidate experience.

Having filled roles such as HR generalist, college recruitment, director of HR and organizational development, vice president of learning and development, and VP of talent acquisition, Todd is uniquely qualified to understand and provide solutions to the challenges related to an organization’s human capital.

We are honored to have Todd as a key team member and executive leader of the Talent Magnet Institute.

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