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Director of Workforce Partnerships

Tim Hanner has a diverse background in education, business and nonprofits. He has worked to overcome health challenges and is known for his innovation and advocacy. Tim is former Superintendent of the award-winning Kenton County School District in Northern Kentucky and Associate Commissioner of Education for the Kentucky Department of Education, Office of Leadership and School Improvement. His experiences also include Deputy Superintendent, Principal, Program Coordinator and classroom teacher. During his tenure as leader of the district he was named the
Kentucky Superintendent of the Year. Tim has also been recognized for creating innovative programs such as the Born Learning Academy (in collaboration with United Way to engage families in school activities from prenatal care through preschool);Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) campus (featuring the latest green infrastructure technologies); Hanner’s Heroes, a program in conjunction with the Kenton County Superintendent Advisory Board and Student Ambassador Program (student leadership and empowerment programs); the Success Academy (full military emersion high school); and the Northern Kentucky Education Action Team and the Kentucky Education Action Team (partnerships to advocate for and support critical issues in public education).

Tim has battled kidney disease for close to twenty years - and has worked to overcome adversity having had two kidney transplants in the past nine years. Upon his retirement and while on dialysis, he worked with others to create a nonprofit organization to assist middle/high school students and their families in the areas of preparing for life beyond high school - NaviGo College and Career Prep Services. In launching NaviGo, he partnered with highly respected businesses such as St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Duke Energy, C Forward and Toyota to create workforce pipeline programs – and connections to high school students. Tim is also the co-founder of the Administrators Roundtable Network, LLC, and is a certified National School Improvement Coach through the National Institute for School Leadership. He and his wife, Marlene, live in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati region where they enjoy hiking and spending time with their children and grandchildren.


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