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Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategist

Priya Klocek has been a colleague and relationship of Centennial's for over 16 years. She was one of the very first leaders called when the Talent Magnet Institute began. Stated clearly on her LinkedIn bio, Priya is a rebel who found her cause. Those who walk out of a conversation, a project, or a session with Priya leave feeling educated, responsible, and empowered to be the change they desire to see in the world. Priya is compassionate, empathetic, and real in every aspect of her leadership and life. Look around the programming in the greater Cincinnati community on the topics of culture competence, diversity, gender equity, and inclusion and you will see Priya's fingerprint, design, and passion. She is a leading educator who travels the country and disrupts mindsets to think bigger, better, and more equitable.

In addition to partnering with the Talent Magnet Community, Priya is also the President and CEO of Consultant On The Go LLC, a consulting firm that focuses on diagnosing and improving the fundamental human interactions upon which all successful businesses are built. 

Her 20+ years of corporate experiences include working for companies like Ashland Inc, Convergys, Fifth Third Bank and Great American Insurance. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the College of Mount St. Joseph and a master’s degree in Human Resource Development from Xavier University. She is certified in various assessment tools, methodologies, and is a certified coach practitioner.

We are honored to have Priya as a key team member of the Talent Magnet Institute.

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