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Strategic Advisor

Marcus Gardner is Strategic Advisor for the TMI as well as President of partner organization, Centennial Executive Search and Talent Strategy, where he enjoys implementing his passion for improving outcomes by caring for and empowering people. In his roles, Marcus leverages his strategic and tactical strengths to carry out the company’s vision while developing new vertical targets and goals, along with the expansion of the existing customers and pipeline development.  As a collaborator, innovator, and strategic leader, Marcus fills a pivotal role on both teams.

Marcus brings with him extensive experience as a business consultant and C-suite leader who has led organizations to remarkable levels of growth. He is a hands-on leader who works relentlessly to drive financial and operational growth.  Concurrently, Marcus puts a high value on people and is a big believer in motivating teams to make things happen. This people-first ideology is in direct alignment with the Talent Magnet vision to Unlock Human Potential.

Marcus shares life with his wife, four kids, and 3 dogs. He loves to travel, is a life-long learner, and is passionate about helping orphans and under-resourced kids around the world.  Taking holistic inspiration from history’s Renaissance Men, you may find him at the theatre, riding his motorcycle, watching the latest documentary, playing cards, singing outside, or just reading on the couch.

Talent Magnet and Centennial are grateful to have Marcus leading the charge and guiding the path of success for both our internal and external clients.


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