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Lauren Nicholson is the community engagement manager for Talent Magnet where she is navigating the internal workings to provide the greatest value to our customers, members, and community. Lauren has tremendous expertise in program and project management as well as leadership programming. She has unique expertise in 'bringing it all together' which is what is needed for such a robust platform that she now supports. Her ability to see the big picture while navigating the details for the Talent Magnet Community members is unmatched. We seek bold leaders and Lauren is that!

Lauren has a passion for helping leaders create greater impact inside and out of their business. In this role, she builds and develops a sense of community and resources for our faculty, members and podcast community. She also executes on internal operations of the organization, touching product and program management, marketing, and sales.

Lauren is a graduate of the Cincinnati Chamber’s Cultural Competence program. Recently, she was on the board of advisors for EasterSeal’s Prosperity for All, and United Way’s (now Cincinnati Cares) Boardbank program. She graduated from DePauw University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology. 

Prior to the Talent Magnet Institute, Lauren spent five years cultivating community leaders though the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s Leadership Cincinnati, as well as other leadership programs, and helping them post-graduation with their continued learning through the Alumni Network. Before the Cincinnati Chamber, Lauren spent 3 years at Pinnacle Employer Services (now Aliniti) working with executives to build out their organizational development plans and benchmark their positions.

We are honored to have Lauren as a key team member of the Talent Magnet Institute.

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