People, Culture, and Human Resources Strategist

Kevin is recognized for his proven expertise in executive coaching, talent acquisition, human resource strategy, and leadership development.  Kevin has coached CEO’s, pharmaceutical salespeople, directors and emerging leaders on building leadership presence, increasing their confidence, improving their communication skills and developing their teams. Kevin’s passion for people to deliver high quality results while enjoying their work has driven his focus on leadership development and his partnership with the Talent Magnet Institute.   

Kevin recognizes the value of helping employees develop a keener self-awareness.  He has demonstrated his expertise in coaching talented leaders to acknowledge and use their strengths to improve both their own and their team’s performance. He has led the building and developing of newly formed teams in 15 countries with expat leaders who needed to embrace the parent company culture following a global reorganization.

Prior to founding his own consultancy, Kevin was Chief Human Resource Officer for a financial services organization.  Kevin was an active member of the senior management team in data analytics; he successfully helped separate one company into two thriving companies.  This experience allowed him to coach the new regional CEO on forming a new team and bringing them together to work the company strategy.  His global experience is focused in Europe and Asia where he coached General Managers on people practices and cultural differences. 

We are honored to have Kevin as a key team member at the Talent Magnet Institute.

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