Leadership Engagement Director

Jules Breslin has a passion for corporate culture and high performing teams. Jules brings the vision and level of expertise that makes her role as leadership engagement director a perfect match. Jules has creativity, vision, and an ability to design something into reality that is unmatched. We are thankful for her leadership, drive, and ambition as we build a community at TMI that is making a creatively profound impact! 

Jules joined TMI in June of 2020, after a short stint managing and developing talent for a mid-size architecture and design firm. She spent 8 years prior with the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, where she unearthed a passion for company culture and its imperative role in the ultimate happiness of talented workers. Jules served as talent attraction leader at the Chamber, building programs for employers to attract top talent to live/work in the Cincinnati region. Also at the Chamber, Jules served as the program manager for the CEO, CFO, CMO, sales executive, manufacturing roundtables, and was retention coordinator for the membership team prior. In her current role, she leads TMI’s digital platform; expanding the reach of the brand and championing a personalized experience for members.

Community wide, she is secretary on the Pones Inc. board of directors and can be found performing and/or choreographing in musicals around the Cincy scene.

We are honored to have Jules on the leadership team at the Talent Magnet Institute.

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