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Episode 122: Extraordinary Leader Series with Guest Host Don Frericks Part 3

The Extraordinary Leader Series with Talent Magnet Institute faculty member Don Frericks continues.  Don is the author of the new book Best Boss Ever! This week, Don interviews Tier 1 CEO and co-founder Greg Harmeyer.  They discuss the complex aspects of great workplace culture, the crucial role leaders take in creating and maintaining it, and what it takes to lead successfully in today’s environment.  This tactical conversation is a must for leaders who want to improve their impact.  

Don and Greg share the key ingredients leaders need to access to create an engaged workforce.   

  • The incredible power of communication, transparency, and consistency of a message (6:54)
  • How C-Suite leaders can support mid-level leaders to communicate a consistent message (8:32)
  • The definition of “vulnerability-based trust” and how to build it organically (15:59)

“To me, [culture] comes down to how we treat each other, how we behave and how we act.” 

Greg Harmeyer (4:24)

Don and Greg discuss their experiences with leaders who are paralyzed by their desire to get everything right.  Greg shares how to build trust when you don’t have all the answers or you make mistakes. (14:56)

Greg talks about the evolution of Tier 1 and how he has changed as a leader over the years.  He shares his insights on: 

  • Who he turns to for perspective in order to stay relevant and grow as a leader (23:20)
  • Why he “makes space” for others to step forward and lead (24:39)
  • His philosophy on leadership development as a requirement for organizational growth, especially in times of change and challenge (25:54)

Don and Greg discuss the importance of personal reflection and feedback for leaders.  They also acknowledge that many leaders are active learners, but how they behave is the key to leading well.  

“If [knowledge] doesn’t affect the actual behaviors I show up with at work, then it’s not going to do a whole lot of good.” 

Greg Harmeyer (31:01)

They close with a call to action to acknowledge the impact of mental health on the workplace, the reality of mental illness, and to explore whether their organizational culture contributes to the problem or the solution. (36:25)  

Check out Don’s book Best Boss Ever! 





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