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Episode 99: A Conversation About Leadership Icon Warren Bennis and Becoming Yourself

This week Mike talks to two esteemed guests. The first, Dr. Marianne Lewis, is the Dean and Professor of Management at the University of Cincinnati Lindner College of Business. In the studio with Mike is Jack Fitzgerald the Founder of the Warren Bennis Leadership Experience and a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati. 

Today, they discuss the upcoming Warren Bennis Leadership Experience event being held at the University of Cincinnati on April 1, and leadership from a personal point of view.

Jack shares how a punishment from his father for getting home late one night during high school transformed his future. (1:37)

Mike, Dean Lewis, and Jack talk about 

  • Generating new leaders and when the leadership pipeline really begins (it is probably not what you think!). (6:21)
  • The link between Warren Bennis, UC, and Starbucks coffee (10:55)
  • Leaving a legacy through leadership and how each of us can identify our own legacy (17:15)

Listen NOW to learn more about becoming a better leader. 

“The point is not to become a leader.  The point is to become yourself and use yourself completely; all your gifts, skills and energies to make your vision manifest.  You must, in sum, become the person you set out to become and enjoy the process.” 

Jack Fitzgerald quoting Warren Bennis (20:06)

Jack and Dean Lewis share stories about how experiential learning was invented at UC, and how the process produces real-life, impactful co-creating opportunities for its students and the community. (20:35)

Listen to Dean Lewis as she shares her insights on 

  • How to inspire people to continue learning and growing even as an expert in their field (28:44)
  • How employers and leaders can empower their workforce and take a lesson from academia (30:03)

Jack inspires us with one of Warren Bennis’ basic tenants  (31:08) and shares some expected take-aways from the event on April 1st.  Click here for more information about the event. 



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