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Episode 98: Being Honest About What It Takes To Be The Best Leader with Dr. Dan Snively

This week Mike talks to Dr. Dan Snively, Founder of Lion’s Lead, a provider of leadership assessment tools and analytics.  Mike and Dan discuss: 

  • Building sustained trust in leadership (3:32)
  • Behaviors that facilitate great leadership (4:55)
  • The details that matter in self-awareness (7:25)


Dan describes self-awareness assessment keys that every leader should consider: 

  • Thinking of self-awareness like the cockpit of an airplane (8:02) 
  • How to get the biggest value from the results from assessments (8:35) 
  • The 4 most important questions to ask for maximum personal growth through self-awareness. (10:42)

Dan shares examples of leaders taking their skills and their organizations to the next level through the power of insight with the right tools. (12:41)

Dan and Mike warn listeners of the dangers when assessments are used the wrong way (16:42) as well as: 

  • Factors that can detract from or elevate your potential personally and organizationally (18:21)
  • Knowing someone’s “grit” factor as a measure of change tolerance (19:33)
  • Misusing multigenerational workforce assumptions (21:44)


Dan shares his thoughts on leading well and the currency of relationships and 4 behaviors every leader needs to master in order to lead effectively (25:17). 

Dan and Mike wrap up with: 

  • 4 Life-enduring questions that will help leaders continually reach their aspirations regardless of where they are in their career (27:00)
  • Acknowledging that the higher you go in leadership, the less control you have (29:29)
  • A FREE assessment on to learn your critical emotional intelligence attributes.  Click here to take the quiz!

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