The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 97: Optimized Outcomes For Success in Leadership with Pamela Gilchrist

This week Mike talks with Pamela Gilchrist, Founder, and CEO of The Gilchrist Group. You will definitely want to listen in on this deep discussion about communicating as a leader. Pam shares her expertise about transparency in the C-Suite, how to communicate through difficult situations, and stories of her clients’ successes through relevant situations.  

LISTEN NOW! You won’t want to miss this episode! 

Pam shares: 

  • The three basic elements any leader needs for success (1:50)
  • Factors during growth and change that will make or break you (4:50)
  • An example of how communication can be an obstacle for organizational growth (6:23)

Mike and Pam then discuss how to turn the tables, and communicate effectively TO your leader, which can be tricky, to say the least.  Pam gives us really good advice. (8:08) She also shares 2 key suggestions to consider before having a crucial conversation with anyone. (9:26)

“Lay breadcrumbs.”

Pam Gilchrist (10:06)

A very relevant skill for work and personal conversations is how to find a common understanding. Pam gives us tactical tools to have meaningful conversations and find common ground when there seems to be none. (11:43)

Pam answers the ever-present questions that leaders have on their minds: 

  • How do you know how much to share with your Board, C-Suite and other leaders? (15:08)
  • How do you present sensitive information from a place of strength and leadership? (17:44)
  • How transparent should you be about financials?  She shares the story of an approach one leader took and the success it brought his business.  (20:07)

Pam and Mike discuss the changing way we communicate at work, and how our work and personal lives are decompartmentalized today.  They close with the discussion of what being a “whole leader” means and how to be successful in relationships, work, community, and life. (23:07)







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