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Episode 96: What Will Your Leadership Legacy Be With Barry Posner

As we get closer to the 100th episode, the conversations we are having with leaders dive deeper and this episode is no exception.  

This week Mike talks to Barry Posner, Professor of Leadership at the Levy School of Business at Santa Clara University, co-author of the award-winning book The Leadership Challenge and a “Top 50” leadership coach. Barry will be the key-note speaker at the 2020 Securing The Future Conference presented by the Leadership Council for Non-Profits.  

Mike and Barry dive deep about 

  • What it really means to be a leader
  • If leaders are born or made
  • What Barry and his co-author have found to be the key ingredients to successful leadership  

You will definitely want to take notes for this episode, so get something to write with. 

Mike and Barry start out by defining “exemplary leadership.” Barry wrote the book, literally on the commonalities of great leaders. 

LISTEN NOW to hear the 5 practices of Exemplary Leadership (3:11)

They dissect the reasons why people “hold back” from bringing their whole selves to work. (7:14)

They also discuss 

  • What “legacy leadership” is (10:15)
  • How to switch from short-term gain thinking to long-term legacy thinking (10:36)
  • Reevaluating the way you are going about achieving your goals (12:08)

Barry says: 

“The legacy we leave is the life we lead.” (7:07)

“Doing what you know how to do...doesn’t get you to where you want to be in the future.” (12:08)

They move deeper into: 

  • Where leadership really begins (13:23)
  • Barry’s key ingredient to a successful board (19:15)
  • If leaders are born or made (the answer isn’t what you think) (29:56)

Barry and Mike challenge all listeners to be a better leader by assuming one fundamental thing.  LISTEN NOW and find out what that is and how it changes everything around you, not just your business. (33:14)




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