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Episode 95: Effective Strategies For Talent Acquisition with Tim Sackett

This week’s episode is a strategy-rich conversation with Mike and Tim Sackett, author of The Talent Fix. Tim visited Cincinnati in September 2019 to present at the Talent Acquisition Evolution Conference on Global Talent Acquisition Day.  

Get ready to take notes, because this episode is rich in ideas for effective talent acquisition and retention, and challenges old notions about organizational structure regarding talent, such as:

  • Who really “owns” talent in an organization? (1:03)
  • The most effective strategy regarding accountability for talent across the organization (2:03)
  • How blame gets in the way because the wrong people are involved in setting hiring strategy (3:55)

Tim is full of stories and memorable quotes exemplifying great talent management and failed strategies even with the best of intentions.  

Mike and Tim point out that when talent strategy is done well, acquisition is secondary, because people stay with your organization.  

“The best hire you ever have to make is the hire you don’t have to make because you retain somebody.” (5:00) Tim Sackett

Tim shares:

  • A powerful exercise to find out who are your people-centered leaders. (5:51)
  • How to address unconscious bias (6:50)
  • Why weak managers hire weak people and strategies to help them select a more diverse team to strengthen their effectiveness (8:48)
  • “Save” strategies (12:30)
  • How to prevent “politics at play” from short-circuiting your talent retention (13:50)

Mike and Tim talk about 

  • The root of turnover and why people really leave an organization (9:41)
  • Getting real about the cost of acquisition, the ROI of retention and how talent management is an investment with real gains. (11:42)

LISTEN NOW to hear Tim’s story about what one company does to “save” key players they literally can’t afford to lose.

Retention is about “feeling wanted.” (18:54)

Next, Tim shares tips to 

  • Make magical connections during the recruiting phase (22:30)
  • Create environments that help people change, grow and feel challenged (26:10)
  • Create employment brands that find candidates who fit your specific culture (26:39)
  • How to “know your ‘who’” (29:02)

Mike and Tim discuss the impact of Tim’s book, The Talent Fix.*  Tim says he kept getting a lot of questions from followers and clients about talent acquisition, so he wrote the book to answer the question, “here’s what I would do.” (29:14)

You can purchase Tim’s book HERE.*

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