The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 94: Paul Sittenfeld: How To Infuse Professional Leadership with Social Impact

This week Jessica Baron, Vice President for Centennial, Inc. talks to Paul Sittenfeld, a long-time friend and Cincinnati businessman.  They discuss how Paul has reframed his leadership opportunities to impact success in the community at large.  

They discuss the impact education has on non-traditional populations and how the success of one family member can transform others by expanding their ideas about what is really possible for them. (6:33)

He shares how his stories about what he has humbly offered to help people, such as 

  • role modeling
  • mentoring 
  • empathy without judgment

which all of us can take part in.  (7:20)

“The fact that you’ve made some mistakes doesn’t mean you can’t...redefine  yourself.” 

Paul Sittenfeld (5:54)

Paul shares how he sees the role as a “trustee” and that it is possible to have diversified involvement in the community. (13:23)

Having been friends for a long time, Jessica asks Paul to tell about the unique ways his children are making big contributions to their communities in their own ways. (19:19)

LISTEN NOW to Paul’s inspiring stories about how he uniquely has reframed success in his personal leadership.  



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