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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 93: Taking On Leadership Roles in Health Care and Life with Jennifer Manders

This week Jessica Baron, Vice President at Centennial Inc. speaks to Jennifer Manders about making a difference by getting involved at work and in your community.  

Jennifer is a surgical oncologist at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio specializing in breast cancer.  She is also the President of the Christ Hospital medical staff. She and Jessica discuss:

  • How her choice in her medical training specialization foreshadowed her leadership roles later in her career (2:51)
  • Her role in defining the importance of women’s health in the health care system, as well as the holistic approach they take in patient care (6:45)
  • Using your role at work to make social and structural impact in your community (10:18)


Jennifer shares her journey into leadership roles and the active learning she sought out in order to be ready to confidently step forward and serve well.  (14:37)

“Leadership takes a lot of introspection and willingness to be vulnerable.” (15:18)

Jennifer Manders 

Jennifer also shares:

  • How her formal training about leadership styles gives her a cadre of tools to lead different people and different situations effectively. (15:41)
  • Who she looks to for mentorship and what that relationship needs to be successful (16:52)
  • Her journey into a leadership role as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field (19:13)

Jessica and Jennifer switch gears to talk about:

  • Their unique personal and professional insights  in regards to sharing a cancer diagnosis with an employer (21:26) 
  • Balancing work, family, and social involvement (29:59)







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